Heartburn Medications – How They May Be Hurting Your Health

Whenever I watch television, I am always struck by the number of commercials for prescription medications.  This is a particular pet peeve of mine, as I really think these types of commercials should be completely banned.  For one thing, the amount of money spent on advertising, drives the cost of these medications up to insanely

Hypothyroidism – low thyroid function is much more common than you may think.

Your thyroid gland controls your metabolism – essentially, how fast and efficiently your body burns its fuel; and if you have low thyroid function, you may experience any or all of the following symptoms: fatigue lethargy weight gain constipation dry skin thinning at the outer edges of your eyebrows (Queen Anne’s Sign) depression or mental fogginess hair

Contrast Showers – A Powerful Immune Booster You Likely Have at Home

Contrast showers are another one of my favorite recommendations for people. This is a simple, generally accessible and incredibly powerful tool for boosting your immune system.  First the cautions… if you have diabetes or any other problem that causes you to have difficulty sensing temperature, or if you have heart disease of any kind, please talk

Water – The Truly Amazing and Wondrous Miracle Supplement (& the benefits of drinking it)

*Caution** If you have heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney problems, or any other condition that could be negatively affected by your hydration levels, make sure you talk to your physician before making any dramatic changes to your water intake. And as with anything, if you make changes in your water intake and feel worse, go back

A Gentle 5 System Detox

Our body has five main routes for eliminating toxins, and by gently stimulating each of these pathways, you can achieve a simple, inexpensive and wonderfully effective detox.  Bowels – Psyllium seed husk powder (or bran fibers) are an excellent way to remove fat soluble toxins from the system and help keep your bowels regular. Daily bowel

Immune Support for Coughs/Colds/Bronchitis/Flu

COVID19 UPDATE: Please note these suggestions are for regular influenza. Some are not appropriate for COVID19, specifically at this time we know the following things: IBUPROFEN AND ELDERBERRY SHOULD BE AVOIDED WITH ANY SUSPICION OF COVID19 This is a handout I find myself giving to nearly everyone at one point or another. It is a

My Three Desert Island Medicines

If I were trapped on a desert island (which frankly, in the middle of a dreary Seattle winter doesn’t sound so awfully horrible) and if I could only have three medicines with me, these are the three I would pick. Rescue Remedy – this is one of the Bach Flower Remedies and it’s a great little