The First Installment

The First Secret to Weight Loss is… stop focusing on it as your goal. If you own a scale, take it out and put it under the wheel of your car, and drive back and forth over it until it’s dead. Or maybe better yet, donate it somewhere so it doesn’t end up straight in the landfill. But you get the point. The scale is not your friend. Do you really need the scale to know if you’re gaining or losing weight? Not really. All the scale does is provide an opportunity to obsess about it, cheer yourself when it’s down, and chastise yourself when it’s up. It’s just as easy to tell if you’re gaining or losing by how your clothes fit, without the stress of monitoring every shift up or down, and all the anxiety that goes along with that.

The real secret is that it’s not about losing weight at all; it’s about becoming healthy. As you become healthier, your weight also becomes healthier. You don’t even have to think about the weight, it takes care of itself. Really.

What you do have to think about is being healthy, in as many aspects of your life as possible.

My job is to coach people into health. We all know we should eat well and exercise, but everything that underlies why it’s not working or why we don’t do it, is what I work with. This is the imbalance in the general system, that is causing the imbalance with the weight. Sometimes (most of the time) this underlying imbalance is composed of many facets. Working to bring each of those facets into health will bring about health throughout the system, including of course, the weight.

This is a subject I love to work with so I will likely be posting quite a bit on this topic over time.

Stay tuned…

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