Castor oil packs are one of my favorite medicines of all time. They are great for many different kinds of conditions & musculoskeletal pain including: back pain, joint pain, muscle tension (like doing it on the neck & shoulders for a tension headache), ganglion cysts, menstrual cramps, constipation (used topically over the belly) and for many other things.

When not to use castor oil:
– do not use over burns, open wounds, mucous membranes, or rashes
– discontinue if you should experience any irritation or rash
– internal usage can cause severe diarrhea (I don’t recommend it!)

What you will need:
– castor oil – good quality oil from health food store not the drugstore
– – (some drugstore castor oils may have toxic hexanes in them)
– flannel (cotton flannel is best)
– heat: heating pad or hot water bottle

– cover affected area with a thick layer of castor oil
– cover with flannel
– cover with a heating pad
– relax for 30-40 minutes
– wipe off excess oil with a damp cloth
– can be done daily or even multiple times a day

Alternative: If using with an acute injury where heat cannot be applied, cover the skin over the affected area with a thick layer of castor oil and cover with plastic wrap, do not apply heat

Remember – when in doubt (& except for the above cautions) – throw a castor oil pack on it!

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