Contrast Showers – A Powerful Immune Booster You Likely Have at Home

Contrast showers are another one of my favorite recommendations for people. This is a simple, generally accessible and incredibly powerful tool for boosting your immune system.  First the cautions… if you have diabetes or any other problem that causes you to have difficulty sensing temperature, or if you have heart disease of any kind, please talk

A Gentle 5 System Detox

Our body has five main routes for eliminating toxins, and by gently stimulating each of these pathways, you can achieve a simple, inexpensive and wonderfully effective detox.  Bowels – Psyllium seed husk powder (or bran fibers) are an excellent way to remove fat soluble toxins from the system and help keep your bowels regular. Daily bowel

Immune Support for Coughs/Colds/Bronchitis/Flu

COVID19 UPDATE: Please note these suggestions are for regular influenza. Some are not appropriate for COVID19, specifically at this time we know the following things: IBUPROFEN AND ELDERBERRY SHOULD BE AVOIDED WITH ANY SUSPICION OF COVID19 This is a handout I find myself giving to nearly everyone at one point or another. It is a